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Prennek - means 'wood' in Cornish

Prennek Designs was founded by Tristan Wearing in 2020. Tris has been working with wood for most of his adult life running a successful business based in Looe, South East Cornwall. Tris is now focusing his time, energy and skills towards more creative aspects involving wood. Applying his extensive knowledge of trees, Tris is enjoying the process of handcrafting unique furniture and individual pieces from carefully selected local timber.

Tristan’s Background

Tris worked as a carpenter for 10 years, then proceeded to run a successful business as a qualified tree surgeon for twenty years. It’s been his lifelong ambition to hone his culminated skills into a sustainable business and handcraft selected pieces of wood that would otherwise be used for firewood or left to decay in the surrounding woods.

Prennek Ethos & Sourcing

The Prennek workshop lies within an idyllic natural Cornish woodland near Looe. An important factor was to create an off grid workspace. This has been achieved by solar powering his charging station for the 18v battery powered hand tools. Any new tools required for all the various processes, were chosen for their longevity and great EPC values.

There is LED lighting in the workshop, plus an essential wood burner (powered by off-cuts and waste sawdust) provides multi-functions; Heating and drying the timber, helping to prevent the machinery getting damp, as well as being an essential source of heating throughout the winter months for Tris and the Prennek team! Off-cuts and waste sawdust are in constant supply – any surplus bags of sawdust are snapped up by a local campsite for their eco-composting toilets.

Sustainability Goals

Prennek Design has a strong ethos of only making products from trees that have either naturally fallen, are standing dead or have to be removed under license due to be being dangerous (eg. over a house or road way). All timber has come within a 5 mile radius of the Prennek workshop, making it carbon neutral. In the future carbon sequestered by the trees will be captured and retained whilst converting the wood in furniture.

We have a large stockpile of timber at the Prennek workshop collected over the past couple of decades work as a tree surgeon. For specific upcoming projects we have many local contacts within local woodland management businesses where additional timber can be sourced when required.